Phytoplankton Growth

Phytoplankton Growth

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Photo synthetic probiotic for enhancing the water coloration to screen the sun light

Advantages :

  • Nature Green develops natural and prolonged green coloration to the water column.
  • Enhance and persist the magnesium levels in water column for better organism survival.
  • Screens the photo wave length for improving Vit. 03, Calcium absorption levels Application timings
  • Use Nature Green during plankton crash due to mineral in balance, low DO levels.
  • Use Nature Green during color loss in water
  • Use Nature Green during high levels of sludge

Actions :

  • Rejuvenate and boost planldon and water color .
  • Digest the bottom sludge and also neutralize and prevents toxic gas formations

Dosage :

250 gms to 500 gms per acre. or also dose advised by aqua culture technician.