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Alkaline Amylase Enzymes Granules

Alkaline Amylase Enzymes Granules
Alkaline Amylase Enzymes Granules
Product Code : Detergent Grade-1
Product Description

Starch, a main component of our daily diet, is frequently found not only in food residues on dishes but also in food stains on clothes. Enzymatic hydrolysis of starch is catalyzed by -amylase (1,4- -D-glucan glucanohydrolase; EC3.2.1.1), Alpha-amylase-A is A liquefying alkaline α-amylase having the following enzymatic properties:

Hydrolyses 1,4-α-glucosidic linkages in starches, amylose, amylopectin and partial degradation products thereof, and has an optimum pH for activity from 8.0 to 10.0 and a wide temperature range from 25°C to 75°C. Alpha amylase-A is substantially free from activity inhibition by surfactants selected from the group consisting of sodium

linear alkyl benzene suffocates, sodium alkyl sulfate esters, sodium alkylsulfonates, soaps, and polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers.

Physical property

Alpha-amylase-A is available in the form of non dusting dispersible blue colour granules for quick release of active enzymes in the wash solution.


Enzyme is produced by non-toxicogenic and non-pathogenic eco-friendly strain of micro-organism to ensure environmental safety. All our detergent-industry enzymes are technical-grade and produced by using non-GMO microorganisms.

Storage & Stability

The enzyme granules provide excellent storage stability. The granular composition protects the protease from other chemicals in the detergent formulations and from external denaturing conditions. To retain maximum activity the product should be stored at <30°C in the original containers with the lid closed.

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