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Alkaline Cellulase Granules

Alkaline Cellulase Granules
Alkaline Cellulase Granules
Product Code : Detergent Grade-3
Product Description

Enzyme-Cellulase-L is an Enzyme Lipolytic enzyme produced by a modified variety of fungal strain. The enzyme is used in detergent formulations to remove fat containing stains such as those resulting from frying fats, salad oils, butter, fat based sauces, certain types of cosmetics like lipstick etc.

Enzyme-Cellulase-L hydrolyses triglycerides to mono- & Di glycerides, glycerols and free fatty acids which are easily removable from fabric.


Enzyme-Cellulase-L is produced by non-toxicogenic and non-pathogenic eco-friendly strain of micro-organism to ensure environmental safety. Enzyme-Cellulase-L is technical-grade and produced by using non-GMO microorganisms.

Storage & Stability

The enzyme granules provide excellent storage stability. The granular composition protects the cellulase from other chemicals in the detergent formulations and from external denaturing conditions. To retain maximum activity the product should be stored at <30°C in the original containers with the lid closed.

Usage in Detergent Formulations

The recommended dose of Enzyme-Cellulase-L varies from 0.15% to 0.2% w/w of the detergent formulation depending on the economy and performance requirements of the customer.

Enzyme Handling

Inhalation of enzyme containing dust or aerosols from granulated enzyme should be avoided. In case of accidental spillage or contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

Physical property

Enzyme-Cellulase-L is available in the form of non dusting dispersible red colour granules for quick release of active enzymes in the wash solution.

Enzyme Activity

Cellulase-L is available in the form of non dusting dispersible granules for quick release of active enzymes in the wash solution containing different specific activity values stable at different pH and Temperature, even at high specific activity these enzymes are stable and having long-lasting activity.

Raw data

Extended study and raw data for the Cellulase-L is available and furnished based on the demand of the customer if necessary by mutual understand and written request from the authorized personnel.

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